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Lake Vista is truly one of the best places in the city of New Orleans to live as I’m sure you will agree! We would like to extend a special invitation to join the Lake Vista Garden Club.

Since 1949, the Lake Vista Garden Club has been bringing the neighborhood together. Please help us continue to create a heritage for future generations by getting together with others to learn about long-term beautification programs and planting at home. You do not have to be a gardener to join! Men & Women are welcomed!

The Lake Vista Garden Club has fun and casual monthly luncheon meetings, along with interesting guest speakers during the months of October, November, February, March and April. The meetings are held in a member’s home on the first Friday of each month at 11a.m. Annual dues are only $80.00 for Active Membership, which includes the monthly luncheons, our festive holiday party in December as well as supporting vital replanting and beautification efforts in our wonderful neighborhood of Lake Vista. Other activities: In the Spring we have a BBQ/Easter Egg Hunt Fund raiser in the neighborhood. We also have a Wine & Cheese night with guests.

If you cannot attend the meetings but would like to support our beautification efforts you can join as a Friend of the Garden Club for only $40 and your dues will be restricted to our beautification efforts.

You can also be a donor with added perks!  Our Calla Lily Donation Level is $100.  It is a donation to further beautification efforts with a perk!  This donation level comes with 2 tickets to either our Wine & Cheese Gala or our Holiday Party (or one of each if you are not bringing a guest).  This is a $50 value!

The Lake Vista Garden Club supports the overall mission of Lake Vista Garden Club: "to promote and encourage the beautifying of home gardens and the Lake Vista subdivision." Beautification projects include:

  • Planting and maintenance of Lake Vista signage areas on major thoroughfares and Zephyr Parkway
  • Tree maintenance and tree planting on parkways and public neutral grounds, in cooperation with public bodies
  • Reforestation of Lake Vista following losses from Hurricane Katrina (public and private property)
  • Cooperation with area utilities to support Tree Preservation Best Practices during construction and repairs
  • Overall tree preservation
  • Assisting residents with tree concerns

A member of the year award is given each year in memory of Olivia Tricon Vaccaro, who was the founder, a charter member, and the first president of the Lake Vista Garden Club in 1949. Mrs. Vaccaro was an active member of the Lake Vista Garden Club until her death in August of 1988.

A directory/yearbook with a schedule of events is delivered to each active member.

Lake Vista Garden Club Garden of the Season

The Lake Vista Garden Club Awards Program promotes the beautification of Lake Vista by providing recognition to the contributions made by individual homeowners in landscaping their property.

Recognition is provided by bestowing a seasonal "Garden of the Season" award

The winners are chosen by a team of Lake Vista Garden Club members who both walk and drive around the neighborhood during each month, and make their selection based on established guidelines.

To join the Garden Club, click the link to download the  MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION FORM

Lake Vista Property Owners Association

PO Box 24430
New Orleans, LA 70184-4430