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The LVPOA Board has been asking the City and the Engineers hired to design this project for answers to these

questions since we learned of this project in September of 2021. We have received very little response.

We submitted a public records request last year for many plans and technical data and were only provided

presentation documents that were already available for free online. Several legal statutes were cited as

reasons why they could not release the requested documents to us.

The consensus of many engineers, both Lake Vista residents and engineers that have no relation to this project

is that this $18 Million project is incredibly expensive, requires a lot of expensive ongoing maintenance

to function properly and may only alleviate about 3” of flooding in Lakeview. Many Lakeview streets

hold several feet of water in major rain events. Reducing their flooding by a few inches is insignificant.

The $18 Million FEMA grant DOES NOT have to be spent on green infrastructure!

It can be used to add or upgrade pumps directly in Lakeview.

Lake Vista Property Owners Association

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